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The 2017 Competition
is now closed!


Category winners

If you win one of the categories, you can say that you are 'Award Winning', I know and if that isn’t enough, you will also receive a brilliant trophy for your category made by men and women with disabilities at the WonderWorkshop in Dar es Salaam. (

Overall winner

So now then, onto the Overall Winner – the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Oh yes, it's a massive title and your image(s) will be flying around the world, dazzling millions of people (seriously!).

So what are you set to win as a prize? Well, it’s not one prize but a whole bag of prizes:


You will receive a wonderful hand made metal trophy as the Winner from the Wonder Workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Your prize will be a one week photographer led safari in Kenya with Alex Walker’s Serian (the prize is to be used in one of our Masai Mara based camps in Kenya). All expenses paid, you will be flown out by Kenya Airways with your friend / partner / spouse / etc. Yes it's a safari for two and with two return flights from Europe.

Paul Joynson-Hicks (that's actually me by the way) will accompany you and if you are a professional photographer he will chatter away about the birds and the bees and the fun of living in Africa, and if you are a keen enthusiast he will impart some wisdom about how to take incredible award winning wildlife pictures.

Alex Walker’s Serian intimate safari camps are among the best in Africa and most certainly in the best areas. So they will meet you off the plane and deliver you back, after a one week amazing experience.  Yes, as always there are certain terms and conditions, but you can find them on the Terms and Conditions page.