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November 14th 2019 - March 15th 2020

Natuurmuseum Brabant

Spoorlaan 434, 5038 CH Tilburg, Netherlands


Yes, you know you want are a gallery owner, you could be a huge, massive gallery in central New York, London or Paris or you could be a small boutique gallery in the middle of the countryside, either way, our images are a perfect fit for you. They are funny, entertaining, and of an excellent quality of photography. Also, you can be happy in the knowledge that you are contributing to the conservation efforts of the Born Free Foundation. 

We exhibit already in a few places around the world and all with superb success. 

If you would like to chat to us about exhibitions, then email Tom, he is our Exhibitions Guru. Primarily as he recently had an exhibition of some very dodgy pictures of his, but with a quite remarkable and bizarre success. His email address is [email protected]

     Hannahs at Seale-Hayne, South Devon, UK


   HALTIA The Finnish Nature Centre, in Finland (surprisingly.)



You will notice that we are still called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, not yet have we been sponsored by anyone. We aren't yet the FUJIFILM Comedy Widlife Photography Awards (hint hint, for example), or the YOUR BRAND Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards! You see how AMAZING it is? WHAT A MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY! Yesssir, it's a huge chance for your company to spread the word about your incredible brand or company. We get loads and loads (thats a technical term in respect of Internet Analysis) of global media attention and it could all be yours HAHAHAHA (evil world dominating laugh...)

But seriously, if you would like to contribute something to our winners, or be a part of us in any way, then you better contact me, Paul. My door is always open,especially to you lot. Also, a small reminder, we donate a percentage of all our revenue to the Born Free Foundation, and its not a small %, its actually bigger than 9% and smaller than 11%, so loads! Do it... [email protected]