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SPONSOR US - That's right, be our named sponsor, it could be you! - an AMAZING opportunity awaits some lucky, savvy marketing mogul!!

We have reached a stage in the competition's life where we feel its time to go to the next level.  Is there a next level?  Yes, but only with your help and input. You will notice that we are still called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, not yet have we opened up the opportunity to have a headline sponsor.  But this year, we think it is the right time.  We aren't yet the YOURBRAND Comedy Widlife Photography Awards!  This really would be an incredible opportunity, for both you and us.  It's a huge chance for your company to spread the word about your amazing brand or company.  We get loads and loads (that's a technical term in respect of Internet Analysis) of global media attention - check out our press page and it could all be yours HAHAHAHA (evil world dominating laugh...) 

But seriously, if you would like to contribute something to our winners, or be a part of us in any way, then you can contact any of us in our huge team.. Tom, Paul or Michelle would be the best starting point. Our door is always open, especially to you lot. Also, a small reminder, we donate a percentage of our net revenue to a grass roots conservation organisation and give them a huge push in the press, and we do a different one every year to try and spread the love!!  If you want to know more ping us at: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]


If you would like to EXHIBIT US and have the chance to share our brilliant pictures with your audience, then please get in touch!  Our competition images are hugely popular, appealling to all ages and transcending every culture and language.  Instead using laughter and humour as a uniquely effective way to engage audiences with creatures they may never be able to see for themselves and that the world could lose for good.  Help us educate and enlighten viewers by sharing our enjoyment of nature and taking the time to consider its real value.  Plus you will be directly contributing to our conservation mission as 10% of all net exhibition revenue we receive goes towards a wildlife organisation.

Curate your own exhibition suitable for your venue and select from over 300 amazing images compiled from the top 40 Finalist images from each year spanning back to 2015.  All images are of excellent quality and are supplied digitally with captions and marketing information, including a bespoke video introducing the Exhibition from one of the founders of the competition.

We exhibit already in a few places around the world and all with superb success

If you would like to chat to us about exhibitions, then email Tom, he is our Exhibitions Guru. Primarily as he recently had an exhibition of some very dodgy pictures of his, but with a quite remarkable and bizarre success. His email address is [email protected]

     Hannahs at Seale-Hayne, South Devon, UK


   HALTIA The Finnish Nature Centre, in Finland (surprisingly.)




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