Image from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition
Image from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition

Welcome to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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What can I do to be a Conservationist at home?

We have a great list of things you can do at home to be a conservationist. Read it! Its fun.

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Welcome to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 - now OPEN for your entries!

The launch of the awards is like the start of the year for let's celebrate new beginnings! Yup, let's be honest last 12 months have been pretty rubbish. Locked down, pandemic and lack of work for many of us. But somehow we made it, there is a vaccine and hope is starting to dribble out, rather like my spaniel at supper time. 

At Comedy Wildlife we are also starting new and fresh things; the most important of which is our new Conservation Strategy. Ok, I know there are those amongst you who would look at us, our website and our general demeanour and think that we may not actually know what those words mean, but.... we have a new strategy. We have loved our partnership with the Born Free Foundation and they have been awesome people to work with and we have been so chuffed to be able to support them over the years. But like all things, we are evolving. (Except perhaps Tom, who is stuck in a pre-Neanderthal era somewhere.) 

We are now going to be supporting One Species A Year. We will find a small, grass roots organisation who is doing their best to help protect the environment and the wildlife and in addition to 10% of our net revenue, we are going to try and give them as big a global push as we can. So you, my friend, pay attention as I would like to introduce you to the Gunung Palung Orang-utan Conservation Program, yes, we are supporting Orang-utans this year. If you want to know how to pronounce orang-utan then go to our social media and have a listen there. It's not as you would expect!

Please, go to their website sign up and make a difference. 

The competition is open, so grab your cameras, or even better, grab those hilarious images from your hard drive and enter them.  We know you probably didnt go to any exostic locations lately, but lets be honest, one year our winner was a wild hamster from suburban Germany and another year the winner was a squirrel.  So any wild animal can win you the grandest prize of them all!

This comes with the bestest of wishes for a wonderful 2021 from the team here at Comedy Wildlife

Paul, Tom and Michelle (and Rosie and Coco the Spaniels)

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