Image from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition
Image from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition

Welcome to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Born from a passion for wildlife, and decades of experience living & working in East Africa, The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards began its life modestly in 2015 as a photographic competition.

Since then, steered by its founders, Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, it has grown into a globally renowned competition seen by millions of people every year, and always with wildlife conservation at its heart.

The free competition, open to wildlife photography experts and novices, celebrates the hilarity of our natural world and highlights what we need to do to protect it. From a surprised otter to a swearing turtle, Comedy Wildlife’s photographs transcend cultures and ages to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

You can find out more about our competition, our mission and our conservation efforts on our website.



We are delighted to reveal that the OVERALL WINNER of the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021 is Ken Jensen with Ouch!   A brilliantly timed photo of a Golden Silk Monkey in China, getting himself into a bit of trouble on a wire (easily done.)   A thoroughly deserving winner, Ken’s shot was up against some pretty awesome Finalists - see the full selection of Category Winners and Highly Commended Winners on the Gallery Page.

Massive CONGRATULATIONS to Ken Jensen - who will be heading out on safari soon courtesy of Alex Walker’s Serian and to all our Wonderful Winners, Fabulous Finalists and Excellent Entrants of 2021!  Thanks so much for being part of the Awards - you absolutely smashed it!  

See you next year!



Stuck for Christmas present ideas?  Have a look at our Competition Print Collection, featuring fabulous photos from past years and present, suitable (or nearly suitable) for all ages.  There are some crackers in there that will raise a chuckle or two and with every print that's sold, we share the profits with the photographers and our conservation charity, so what you waiting for?!

 The 2022 Awards will open next spring for entries.

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