Image from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition
Image from Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition

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2020 Competition

What can I do to be a Conservationist at home?

We have a great list of things you can do at home to be a conservationist. Read it! Its fun.

If its yellow, let it mellow...


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We are open, we are waiting for your entries, and we are already chuckling at some fantastic images.

The competition closes on June 30th 2020, but the sooner you enter the sooner we can show the world how funny this years entries are.

There are two important parts to this competition.  Firstly, it exists to recognise great photography, and more importantly great photography that has captured a wild animal doing something so funny that makes us snort into our cup of tea.  Secondly, and really should be firstly as well, we are trying to raise the issue of conservation through a humourous, upbeat and positive association with these animals.  The simple idea behind it all is that we strongly believe humour and positivity have a major role to play in building awareness, interest and eventually action towards protecting the animals that live on this planet. 

The final piece of our little jigsaw is reserved directly for you.  We dont want to preach, but we do want you to think about what you can do to make our planet a better place. We are not talking about airy fairy nonsense, we are talking about serious stuff you can do at home, wherever you are to help heal our planet and to make it a safer place for wildlife to live and, hopefully, prosper. Click the box above with the pic of two funny boys for a few ideas of what you can do; whether you live in a developed country in a city or a rural area in another world entirely. There's always something more you can do. On our part, as well as trying to be good conservationsists ourselves, we support the Born Free Foundation with 10% of any money we receive, but more importantly want you you to go and check them out and see what amazing work they are doing around the world; protecting and saving wildlife.

The Comedy Wildlife Team, that's Michelle, Tom and Paul, are always finding ways we can improve our way of lives to be kinder to the planet, which in turn is kinder to the wildlife. You only have to look at the news to see how climate change is genuinely affecting wildlife.

Lets make a start.

Have fun entering and stay in touch with us on social media.

Cheers and good luck

Tom, Paul and Michelle

One of us is the Founder and an inspired wildlife photographer (@pj_hicks) another one is the grown up Chair of the Judges and Competition Director and Landscape photographer (yawn - but admittedly he has won not one but TWO awards...? Shut it Tom) (@sullamphoto) and the other one is, basically, the Boss and keeps us on our tip toes.

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