Competition Opens on
1st March 2021


What on earth do they mean by "Conservation through Competition"?

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, ingeniously titled to avoid any confusion, was the result of two factors: Firstly, a need for a photography competition that was light hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things. Seven years on and these objectives seem to have been met. Secondly, and way more importantly, this competition is about conservation.

None of us are perfect, all of us at some point will fly somewhere (when we can) drive somewhere, cook something, burn something and probably provide some direct input into the general warming of the globe. Indirectly, we will also have some impact on the animals that share this planet with us. So the end result?

By entering this competition it gives both Paul and Tom and the rest of you talented photographers a chance to do a little bit for conservation. How? Well… you are now obviously going to go to your office, home, pub, club or wherever and talk about the dire need for us all to be conservationists in our own little way. Also, as we are supporting a wonderful grass roots conservation project this year; the Gunung Palung Orang-utan Conservation Program in Borneo, which helps to protect the environment that the wild Orang-utans inhabitat, so they can survive and hopefully flourish, perhaps you will go to their website  and have a look at the incredible work they do and spread that word as well.

It’s not a lot necessarily but it is the right step forwards. And one step leads to the next step. With your help and the help of the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Project, it’s way more than we could possibly have done without them and without you.

We hope that you feel the same way, keep clicking and keep appreciating the other living things that we live with.


Thanks, to all of you.

Paul and Tom and Michelle



What can you do at home to be a conservationist?

We have a whole bunch of ideas, which we will spread out over the year, but we have some wicked ideas to get you started:

(And definitely let us know how you are getting on. Send us pictures and stories to [email protected]. )


Yup, this is super easy for everyone to do. For example; don't buy products which have palm oil, or if you have to - make sure you buy products that use sustainable palm oil because the majority of palm oil plantations are destroying rainforests and thus affecting the global weather. Try and avoid un-recyclable products. Give yourself a mission – ok how about one yoghurt pot per person per week of non-recyclable products? It is possible, you know. We have a great mate in London who does just that.


Ok, this is the thing, each time you flush the loo we send approx. 20ltrs of water down the drain – seriously, its crazy. So “If its yellow, let it mellow”…you know the rest…! Have shorter showers, water your garden a little less. Imagine if we all stop flushing our loos each time we did a wee, then billions and billions of litres of fresh water would be saved and available to rush down rivers, feed the fish, save the lakes and enable forests and trees and plants to flourish and grow which adds oxygen to our environment as well as supply homes and food for a global plethora of wildlife.


We know how hard it is to avoid flights - sometimes there are no other options.  But our feeling is that we should try and limit our flights to those that really are unavoidable, such as long haul flights. For shorter trips we should all try and make use of existing train networks (assuming you live where these are relatively reliable!). We did come across a story of people choosing to sail across the oceans on cargo ships, but as admirable as this is it might not fit into everyones busy timetables as a way of travelling... but it did sound awesome! So reducing flights is our starting point!


The easiest (after the first 3) thing to do... put a plant box on your window sill, grow some flowers, and give the bees somewhere to go. We've all heard of the importance of bees, and this little nod towards their daily requirements is already a huge step in the right direction. Imagine if every windowsill had a flower box!  It would be an absolute miracle, so lets start that process!


Yup, you heard it here first. This is a special person who may be not an mega activist, but really, really cares about the environment and what is happening so you do a few very simple and easy things. For example, encourage your friends and family about some of the simple things we have mentioned above, talk about it in social media, in the pub, at work. Does your work place subscribe to some good environmental practices? Find really awesome conservation organisations and engage with them on email, or social media. Email or write to your local government representative, maybe an MP, a House of Rep, a councillor and find out what they are doing to help the wildlife around the world. Hold your elected representatives accountable. You have a voice, we all do, use it and don't be afraid.

Lastly – and perhaps most importantly every single thing you do, as an individual, a family, a football club, a work place - makes an impact. Do it.