Comedy Wildlife was born from the need for a wildlife photography competition that was light-hearted, unpretentious and importantly, could make a difference to animals and our natural world.  Its founders realised that laughter was a uniquely effective tool to engage audiences of all ages and cultures with images of creatures they may never be able to see for themselves – and that the world could lose forever.

What do we do?

Each year we support and donate 10% of our total net revenue to our charity partner Whitley Fund for Nature 

This is a UK Charity that supports conservation leaders working in their home countries across the Global South.  For over 30 years it has channelled £23 million to more than 200 conservationists in 80 countries.  

Comedy Wildlife revenue has specifically been channelled to help support conservationists funded by the NextGen program.  This is an exciting and dynamic program with two main goals: the first to build a community of young people who are passionate about conservation; and the second is to channel the energy and enthusiasm of young people into raising funds for the grassroots initiatives of Whitley Award Winners around the world.  

Kini Roesler is one of the amazing conservation leaders who's work in protecting the Patagonian Steppe has received some of the money.  Kini and his team at Aves Argentina have helped stabilise the fragile populations, building infrastructure to protect nests from strong winds, gaining local support through creative education campaigns, and establishing evidence-based conservation strategies that are ready to be scaled.

Thanks to Continuation Funding, he can continue to answer critical questions about the grebe’s life cycle while extending his research to include three additional flagship species of the Patagonian steppe: the Southern River Otter, Austral Rail, and Wolffsohn’s Vizcacha.

If you want to find out more about this marvellous charity, the brilliant conservation projects and champions that they are supporting, then please do check them out.  We think they are utterly fabulous and remember that by engaging with our competition, either by entering your photographs & videos, buying our products, following us on social, telling your mates about us or sharing our content online, you are directly helping our planet and the dedicated conservationists that strive to save wildlife . Together, we can educate and enlighten a global audience.  Come join us!

If you would like to donate directly to this amazing conservation charity, and every little penny counts, then click the button below and you will magically go straight through to the all important donation page.








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