Entering The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Competition Categories

First things first, the competition is open to all camera brand users.  Yup, that's right, we don't mind what equipment you use, as long as it features wildlife and it's funny..(harder than it sounds!)  

You can enter a total of up to 10 images, 4 portfolio entries AND an additional 6 entries into the other categories, and 2 videos - that's it, no more.

You can enter up to 3 images into each category, except the Amazing Internet (and they are...) Portfolio category where you have to enter 4 pictures. (More info on the categories below.)

Another thing, remember if your pic is hilarious but in the wrong category, fret not. We will put it into the right category, simple as that, aren’t we nice?

Alex Walker's Serian Mammals Category

Enter up to three of your funniest pictures of wildlife which lives on the land. Couldn't be simpler. Don't panic if the animal, like a squirrel or a bat, for example, looks like he is flying, it still lives on the land, so bung it in here. 

Spectrum Photo Birds Category

You guessed it, birds, birds birds - seriously we get so many excellent ones flocking in - (geddit?) every year we've decided to give it a category all of its own.  Couldn't be simpler - it's about birds innit!

ThinkTANK Reptiles and Amphibians Category

After years of sharing this category with the world's fish, (lovely as they are) finally, FINALLY we have a proper home for all those lizards, snakes, toads, newts, turtles and chameleons that you enter each year!  Hopefully not much explanation needed here, and don't worry Tom and PJ will spot any rogue entries and will pop them in the correct category, because they are both experts in their field, highly intelligent and knowledgeable and...hang on a minute. Get off the editing machine, you two!

Fish and Other Aquatic Species Category

Ok, you can put an underwater picture of an elephant swimming and farting at the same time, but we would move it into Mammal Category, so this one is for creatures (mainly fish, let's be honest) which live IN water.  Not next to it, near it or within a stone's throw of it but actually in it.  Get those goggles and let's see what you've got for this one.

Insects Category

Another new one this year, (we HAVE been working hard) and mainly down to the popularity of the cheeky insects out there that make us laugh each year.  We felt they deserved their own space – so here we are.

Amazing Internet Portfolio Category

This is a brilliant category and to be honest a hard one. We want a collection of 4 images which are a collection, or portfolio, (that clue is in the category title) of really funny wildlife images. You can put 4 unconnected images in, as your portfolio, but you will get more points if the 4 images are connected, say "4 African Mammal Funny pics" for example, or they can be 4 images which are really funny from a single scene, I think you get where we are going with this one.

Nikon Junior Category (Under 16)

This is a category for kids with a talent for taking great and funny wildlife pictures. To enter this one you have to be 16 years old or less by 11.59pm July 31st 2024 (BST). If you're not, don't fret just enter another category but if you are, then go for it! I hope that makes sense! (All camera brand users welcome)

Nikon Young Photographer Category (Under 25)

This is a category for slightly older and bigger kids, but still young and keen to crack into the photography world.  You have to be 25 years old or under (definitely not over) by 11.59pm July 31st 2024 (BST). And we will be asking for hard, solid evidence if your image makes it through to the shortlist, so cheating.  Fluttering those eyelids will not work...very well. (All camera brand users welcome)

Video Clip Category

Listen carefully; this is the category where you can enter up to 2 video clips and each one can be no more than 15 seconds. They should be a maximum resolution of 1080p HD at 30fps with a maximum file size of 150MB but any resolution below that is acceptable too. Videos will be uploaded to Vimeo which accepts most major and popular video types. Please check the Vimeo website if you have any questions.

Please do not add music, captions or anything like that to the video (don't worry about peoples voices that's ok), but do make sure you edit it as judiciously (look it up, that's what Google is for) as possible. Much better you send us a 15 second clip which is short, sharp and brilliant, rather than us having to trawl through 45 seconds of dull video to find the funny 10 seconds at the end. Edit it, it will increase your chance of success in the competition and the chances of the clip going viral, oh yeah, don't forget that bit!!

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