The 2021 Competition
is now closed!


If you would like to contact us we are always delighted to hear from you. Sometimes there might be a little time lag in us getting back to you due to us being really, really busy doing really, really important stuff….right..

Anyway, if you have a general enquiry about the competition then please email us at [email protected] you can address your email to any one of us. The most likely to give you a reasonable response is probably Michelle, who is the clever one. Tom is usually bicycling up and down the very flat roads of the Hague and Paul is, well, to be honest whoever knows where Paul is at any given time. He usually "goes on safari" when there's work to do.

If you have an enquiry about partnering with us or sponsoring us, then email Paul at [email protected] He will be truly delighted to hear from you.

If you are interested in reproducing images, licensing ideas or any other fun marketing thoughts then please email Michelle at [email protected]

If you have any really tricky and complicated questions about the rules, terms and conditions, the judging process or exhibiting our amazing images or anything else remotely grown up then please email Tom, he is the Competition Director and Chair of the Judging Panel at [email protected]

If you are press and would like to chat about the competition, interviews (we do loads of them of course) and so on then email our massive and hard working press department at [email protected] (no seriously, we do have a press department, well, not exactly a department, more like a person, (be honest.Ed.) ok, its Michelle, and she is awesome, so ask her.

Remember we are all human beings, not machines, which might mean we miss the odd email, so if you don't hear from us, don't be afraid to email us back and say, "Hellooooooooo, anyone there, i emailed last week etc etc" Being humans also means we like drinking tea and having biscuits. Which, to be honest, is the only reason we all do exercise. Tea and biccies.