The 2021 Competition
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Gallery of Winners and Finalists 2018 Winners

Overall winner, Alex Walker's Serian Creatures of the Land Award winner, and Affinity Photo People's Choice Award winner: "Caught In The Act" by Mary McGowan
Under the Sea Award winner: "Smiling Blue Shark" by Tanya Houppermans
Junior Category winner. Arshdeep Singh
Amazing Internet Portfolio Award winner Valtteri Mulkahainen
Spectrum Photo Creatures of the Air Award winner, "Peek-a-boo" by Shane Keena
Highly Commended: "Wildlife PhotograBear" by Roie Galitz
Highly Commended: "Tango" by Michael Watts
Highly Commended: "Coastal Brown Bear Cub with a Headache" by Danielle D'Ermo
Highly Commended: "So There" by Barney Koszalka
Highly Commended: "Drive Safe" by Jonathan Irish
Highly Commended: "This Is Sparta" by Sergey Savvi
Highly Commended: "Martian Tango" Sergey Savvi
Highly Commended: "Rhinopeacock" by Kallol Mukherjee
Highly Commended: "Splits" by Geert Weggen