Deadline for Entries
1st October 2016

Welcome to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Competition is now closed!

Thanks for looking and go to Enter Now page to enter your details so we let you know dates for next year.

We are back! Well, we were back and now its down to JUDGING TIME! Yup, the photography competition that you have been so avidly waiting for is, well, now closed. As you can see we have an incredible, amazing and really quite brilliant new website which has been excellently designed and created by our wonderful new sponsors, Amazing Internet – so thank you for that guys. (NB If you need a new website, OBVIOUSLY go to them.)

This year you can see we have six fantastic categories, so you have even more chance of being a winner. And we are especially delighted to introduce the Video Clip category. I know it's a bit random as far as photography is concerned, but we couldn't bear the thought of missing out on some hilarious wildlife videos.

Also, we are very much hoping that this year you will see how much we are emphasizing our passion for conservation. Look, it is extremely important, we both have kids, (lucky devils) two little boys each, and we are extremely keen that they can experience the wild world in the same way as we have and our parents have before us. For this to happen we all have to do something; nothing mad and crazy and life changing (although that would be awesome) but a little bit here and there. Please do go to the Born Free Foundation’s website and check out what they are doing and how you can help. EVERYTHING we do makes a difference.

Most importantly, dig out your funniest wildlife pictures, read our Terms and Conditions (no really do) and enter your pics!

Have fun


Paul and Tom

One of us is the Founder and an inspired wildlife photographer (@pj_hicks) and the other one is the grown up Chair of the Judges and Competition Director and takes the odd landscape snap yawn (ahem who is the AWARD WINNING photographer..? Shut it Tom) (@sullamphoto)

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